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Nic was instrumental in getting appfleet's UI and UX off the ground. He is an excellent communicator and did a great job of translating the requirements of a complex, technical product into a high-quality user interface.
Dmitriy Akulov
We’ve created a set of user flows and low fidelity mockusp
User interface
We’ve designed a polished high fidelity interface
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We’ve supported ongoing design needs afterwards
Project background

appfleet is an edge hosting platform created as an alternative to complicated and expensive cloud solutions available on the market. It allows users to simultaneously deploy their service at multiple locations, reducing latency, costs, and connection interruptions.

The founder of appfleet approached us with an initial vision for the product, needing help translating the features into an easy and intuitive interface that is also fun to use. Because the tool was meant for developers, we’ve had to fill in the gaps in our technical knowledge quickly. We’ve held discovery workshops and a Cloud-computing 101 crash course to fully understand the users and their problems. The result was a complete user experience and interface design, achieved in an iterative process with frequent proto-user testing.


We’ve started the process with a series of discovery workshops designed to help us better understand a highly technical product. Understanding appfleet’s value proposition required understanding the cloud computing world and terminology first. We’ve met with the client several times to go through the basics and ensure we know the principles behind his product. We’ve also engaged our developer friends to explain how load balancers work and what containers are in non-technical terms (among many other things).

The wireframing stage followed. We’ve broken down all of the app’s features into user flows and proceeded to mock up low-fidelity screens for consecutive product areas. Having a lot of success with the workshops, we’ve continued this formula to live-test any design updates we’ve made with the client - acting as a proto-persona.

User interface

The Customer wanted to create a visual identity that is inviting and communicates ease of use. appfleet is a powerful but intuitive tool, and the interface had to reflect that. The overall feel of the product is relatively soft, which is not very common for a developer app.

We’ve decided on a light palette with blue accent color, rounded corners, and subtle shadows to invite first-time users to explore the features confidently. The typography choice can be considered bold - with Raleway, a font not commonly used in user interface design, but its more decorative finish gives the entirety a unique personality. We have also created a set of custom isometric illustrations as a play on the idea of cargo containers and shipping - metaphors used commonly in cloud computing.

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