iPaaS tool to end vendor lock-in

2 designers

Team size

3 months

Project duration
We’ve had a great experience working with Nic and his Semiflat team. While creating our SaaS platform, it was critical that our technical requirements get captured and transformed into a final product in a perfect way. Everything, from scoping out and communication to final designs, was delivered with high quality. Our expectations were met and exceeded, and we keep coming back to Semiflat for continuous collaboration.
Andre Sluczka
Founder & CEO
We’ve created a set of user flows and low fidelity mockusp
User interface
We’ve designed a polished high fidelity interface
Continous support
We’ve supported ongoing design needs afterwards
Project background

Jetic is an integration platform as a service solution that enables developers to engineer, deliver and maintain scalable APIs and integrations using hundreds of pre-built components. Because it runs on an open source franework it guarantees no vendor lock-in. Ever. Jetic enables companies to scale with speed due to a low-code environment and an intuitive drag and drop builder.


The Client was already in the process of developing an MVP of the product when they approached us. That meant that parts of the interface were already built by developers. We had to work within constraints of already existing code but still propose an updated visual hierarchy of key visual components. Jetic is a feature-rich application with multiple views and panels available at any given time so applying an intuitive structure was vital to the end-user experience.

User interface

The main objective of the project was to come up with a clean and functional interface. A lot of Jetic’s views are tables and text data so creating a visual hierarchy that allows access to a lot of them at once, without overwhelming the user was also important.

Jetic’s core featrure is the visual builder - a drag and drop interface allowing users to set their workflows in a no-code environement. Different colors of the building blocks differentiate between groups of components (each of them having unique qualities) it helps the user to build subconcious correlations between a color and action quickly (for example yellow=routing, green=orchestrating).

Continous support

Beyond web application design we’ve assisted Jetic with diverse design needs over the course of 6+ months. Apart from new features that were rolled out incrementally, we’ve designed a website for the application, a custom icon set as well as collateral - brochure or even conference stand design.

Many of our Clients have nuanced design needs exceeding the scope of an MVP. Whether that’s designing marketing materials - like landing pages or just having someone familiar with their product, ready to help out with the release of a new hot feature we are happy to be the design leader your organization needs.

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