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We are very happy with the work Nic and his team have done. They’ve been involved in the design of our product from the very beginning and have supported our ongoing design needs ever since.
Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky
Co-Founder, CTO
User interface
We’ve designed a polished high fidelity interface
Design system
We’ve build a component library and documentation
Continous support
We’ve supported ongoing design needs afterwards
Project background

Pocus is an innovative product-led tool for sales teams. It allows companies to use the full potential of their product and customer data to identify the highest-value opportunities. It helps salespeople by identifying product champions, setting custom alerts to capture opportunities as they happen, and even lets them create custom, conditional groups of users without writing any code.

The Pocus team contacted Semiflat in the early stages of developing their product. They had already created the back-end of the application but needed help coming up with the look and feel as well as the conceptual design of certain features. What followed was a many-month-long and-counting iterative collaboration as the product grew.

User interface

One of the first steps we took in the process was proposing look and feel variations for the web product. Since there was no interface built at the time, we have based our proposals on preliminary mockups (that we’ve spruced up) created by the Client. In the end, the entire Pocus team loved the neutral palette with a purple primary accent.

Throughout the entire collaboration, we’ve worked in increments. We’ve utilized weekly sprints to add and ship features as often as possible. Because Pocus practices the continuous discovery process, we had real-time feedback from users. Over the course of months, we’ve been able to add countless functionalities to the designs, working in sync with the Pocus development team.

Design System

One of the main requirements of the Customer was to build a design system on top of an existing component library. It would allow them to save development time and move faster, only modifying blocks of code, rather than implementing them from scratch. We’ve chosen Chakra because it featured a broad range of components we were looking to include in the design. Using an existing library didn’t mean compromising on creativity as we have made sure we weren’t going to be limited when building the user interface.

Having a design system empowers Pocus to move ahead with speed and confidence while at the same time lowering the cost, eliminating the need to involve a design team for some updates or new features.

Continous support

We are continuing to work with Pocus as their remote design team. As Pocus plans new features, we’re collaborating with their Head of Product to regularly deliver new designs for development. It allows Pocus better flexibility and more efficient budgeting than supporting an internal design team. Depending on the month the design efforts can be easily scaled up or down. Additionally, having experience working on all stages of the product, from the very beginning, gives us an understanding of the niche and goals equivalent to that of an internal designer.

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