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We’re creative experts in UX/UI design with a passion for detail, dedicated to turning complex ideas into highly intuitive interfaces.

Our mission is to empower hundreds of millions of people using SaaS applications in their daily work. We are the first choice in Product Design for Startups.

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Our Services

We are your web app design partner

Conceptual design

We use data to create intuitive user flows from scratch. We also audit existing products to identify friction points and propose solutions.

Visual Design

We design clean and highly usable user interfaces that make using your product easy and fun.

Design System

Our designs are scalable, coming with a library of reusable components and smart styles as standard.

Continous Support

Looking for a long-term design partner? We will help you as your product grows (we can do much more than product design)

We are a boutique design house

specialized in web-based B2B software design

Experience in the B2B SaaS space
We’re laser-focused on designing intuitive solutions for the B2B sector. We are selective when it comes to projects we work on and only collaborate with startups from our niche.
Complex products are our second nature
Custom design framework
Senior talent on every project
Quality over quantity


Real success stories

The team is responsive, talented, and has a great work ethic!
Manali Hanamsagar
Founder at Visiont D&I
The Semiflat team went above and beyond, kept all deadlines and delivered on their promises. I’ve been managing IT and design projects for decades and was still impressed with how smooth the project was moving along. We will definitely work with them in the future.
Erin Joseph
Product Manager at YuzeData
I have been working with Semiflat for the past 6 months and it has been a great pleasure! All who are involved are super cooperative and it feels like there is always someone to count on when problems arise. Project Managers are very professional and there is always great communication and collaboration!
Lital Dvir
Product Manager at Phenom
Semiflat has been great to work with. No complaints at all, and we are very happy with the new designs.
Patrick Kelly
CEO at Click Magic


Things you have on your mind

What is the product design process?
At Semiflat, we believe that every great project starts with an understanding of the business landscape. That’s why we start by analyzing our client's needs. Then we present a project plan for approval. The iterative design process starts with a discovery phase where we submerge into the client's product and identify key user needs. After that, we map out all user flows based on user stories, and start wireframing. Only after approving this phase by the Client, we move on to the UI-delight (a polished, finished interface) and the design system
What is product design?
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Why is product design important to the success of a business?
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