Solving complex problems with design_

Helping SaaS companies attract and retain more users with exceptional, thoughtful design.

Laser focus on highly technical SaaS products allows us to approach complexity with confidence

We believe that design is a tool to solve problems. That's why we think of ourselves as architects, not artists.

We use our expertise to design user-centric products that help Saas companies unlock new levels of growth.

Companies building tools that change the world come to us for product design expertise. To us, design is not about how something looks. It’s about what problems it solves and what business goals it can accomplish.
We’re proud to shape tech products acquired by industry giants like IBM, Snowflake and Cloudflare.
$5M seed funding

Helping Useful raise a $5M seed round to empower continuous delivery tech teams

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$161M in funding

Supporting Phenom - an HR-Tech unicorn by augmenting their design team

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$43M in funding

Designing Pocus - a product-led sales platform used by teams at Loom, Linear and Webflow

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$6.6M seed funding

Redesigning Default to help fast-growing revenue teams by accelerating inbound pipeline

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Supporting Gyaan with a dedicated senior designer to go to market with new features at lightning speed

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How we unlock possibilities for SaaS organizations_

Our ability to dive deep into user pains and business goals results in thoughtful, beautiful products that attract and retain users.

Hear from our happy customers_

Read what people from companies we helped say about our collaboration.

“We're super happy with the work the team is producing. Only regret is not working together sooner. I recommend Semiflat to all my founder friends!”

Nico Ferreyra

"Working with the Semiflat team was excellent. They helped us ideate and design the initial version of our MVP. I can definitely recommend them to all founders who want top quality product design delivered fast.”

Shri Sukhan
Co-founder, CEO

“What impressed me most about Semiflat was their ability to work seamlessly with our existing design team. Their collaborative approach, responsiveness, and expertise make them a valuable asset to any project.”

Hanan Hermelin
Executive Director of Product Experience Operations

“Semiflat did a phenomenal job helping us design the initial version of our product. Now we’re back for more, working with a dedicated designer to ideate more features on an ongoing basis.”

Coleman Oates

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  • What companies do you help?

    We typically work with funded companies developing web-based SaaS products in the data, automation, and management systems spaces.

  • How fast can you deliver?

    Typical, moderately complex MVP projects take between 8 and 16 weeks. The timeline for each project is calculated individually after a discovery session.

    Web design projects can range from 3 weeks on the low end to 8 weeks and more for complex, multi-page sites.

  • How much should I budget for the project?

    Product design projects start at $20 000.00, web design projects at $10 000.00, and ongoing support at $6000.00 monthly.

  • What are the deliverables?

    You’ll get a meticulously organized Figma file with all high-fidelity mockups from the product and a separate Figma with documentation of all components used in the design.

    If you commission a website, you’ll get a Webflow source project transferred to your workspace. We’ll also publish the website on your domain.

  • Can you implement the designs?

    On top of no-code development (Webflow and Framer) we can implement your frontend using React or Vue.

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