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Product Design
$20 000.00

For companies building or looking to expand their product.

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Discovery workshop

Every project starts with an in-depth discovery phase, where we establish the scope and build an understanding of your goals.

Full product design cycle

Iterative product design process optimized for efficiency and speed.

Figma deliverables

In product design projects, there are typically two types of deliverables: a high-fidelity Figma file containing all screens from the product and a complimentary component library file containing all components used across the interface.

Web-based by default

We design all product design projects for desktop resolutions by default unless decided otherwise during the first discovery session.

Dedicated design team

You’ll work with a team of two or more product designers during the project. Each project has a senior project leader responsible for the outcome and process. A project manager will ensure all deadlines are met, and the customer success manager will assist and advocate for you throughout the process.

Web design
$10 000.00

For companies looking to elevate their online presence.

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Direction workshop

Web design projects start with a visual direction workshop, where we establish how you want your company to be perceived.

Design sprint followed by development

We start by establishing the structure of all pages in low-fidelity, then move on to look & feel variations, then no-code development.

Live website

After a web design project, clients get a live website on their domain, and a Webflow or Framer project transferred to their workspace.

Mobile optimized by default

All website deliverables are mobile-optimized by default.

Dedicated team

You will work with a web designer in the project's first phase. After establishing the visual identity of your website, you'll work with a no-code developer. A project manager will ensure all deadlines are met, and the customer success manager will assist and advocate for you throughout the process.

Hear from our happy customers_

Read what people from companies we helped say about our collaboration.

“We, we were looking for true partnership, not just great execution. Paulina, Nic, and Ewa were all of that and more. They helped bring our vision to life and were real thought partners throughout the creative process.”

Mike Ottavi-Brannon

“Semiflat was exactly the partner we needed when embarking on a journey to create our own management system. Not only did they guide us expertly through the design process, but they also approached technical complexity with confidence.”

Thomas Finney

“We are very happy with the work Nic and his team have done. They’ve been involved in the design of our product from the very beginning and have been supporting our design needs ever since.”

Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky
Co-Founder, CTO

“The Semiflat team went above and beyond, kept all deadlines and delivered on their promises. I’ve been managing IT and design projects for decades and was still impressed with how smooth the project was moving along. We will definitely work with them in the future.”

Erin Joseph
Product Operations Coordinator


Got questions? Ask away_

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  • What companies do you help?

    We typically work with funded companies developing web-based SaaS products in the data, automation, and management systems spaces.

  • How fast can you deliver?

    Typical, moderately complex MVP projects take between 8 and 16 weeks. The timeline for each project is calculated individually after a discovery session.

    Web design projects can range from 3 weeks on the low end to 8 weeks and more for complex, multi-page sites.

  • How much should I budget for the project?

    Product design projects start at $20 000.00, web design projects at $10 000.00, and ongoing support at $6000.00 monthly.

  • What are the deliverables?

    You’ll get a meticulously organized Figma file with all high-fidelity mockups from the product and a separate Figma with documentation of all components used in the design.

    If you commission a website, you’ll get a Webflow source project transferred to your workspace. We’ll also publish the website on your domain.

  • Can you implement the designs?

    On top of no-code development (Webflow and Framer) we can implement your frontend using React or Vue.

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